Our Story

In the Fall of 2002 the vision for planting our first campus mission at the University of Delaware (UD) was cast.  Soon following the Delaware Christian Campus Ministry Foundation was formed to lead this work, and vision kingdom growth in the northeast United States.

As we learned and grew through the years working with the Blue Hens for Christ (BHC) at UD to reach university students for Christ, the desire God planted to reach other campuses continued to grow inside.  Through the leadership of the BHC campus ministers, David Blackwell, Ian Morgan, Matt Wilson, and Tyler Ellis, our work with students at UD flourished and God was glorified.

In 2015 Rusty Jordan became the local campus missionary.  Over the next few years DCCMF became more focused on ways to grow our efforts through self-fundraised campus missionaries and apprentices as we felt the calling to plant campus missions. Students are taking their faith to places where it is needed most, whether it be domestic or to a foreign country where their faith is foreign and often unwelcome.

In January 2017 we implemented our 3 year plan to plant to recruit, train, and plant our second campus mission team with at least one more every year thereafter.

In July 2019 Casey Coston joined our staff to be the lead campus missionary for BHC while Rusty transition to training up apprentices and planting campus missions.

About DCCMF’s current lead campus missionaries:

Rusty and Anndae Jordan love God, and love people. They firmly believe in the restoring love of Christ and, in their humility, they value others above themselves. 

Since becoming BHC’s campus missionary, Rusty has helped many students on their faith journey. Students have made the bold commitment to follow Christ, choosing to be buried with Him in baptism and raised to an amazing new life. Graduates have signed on as missions apprentices to help build on the inroads the Holy Spirit is making on campus.


Casey and Tracey Coston joined BHC as the lead campus missionary July 2019. For the past 15 years Casey has been the campus missionary at Ole Miss in Oxford MS, where since 2004 his prayers has been for God to help plant campus missions in the northeast. After 15 years of campus ministry at Ole Miss, God is answering his prayer from 2004 as he joins the team at BHC and DCCMF.




You can see more of our teams by checking out each campus mission’s homepage.