Planting Campus Missions

We are focused on the development and planting of campus missions in the northeast United States and around the world that transform lives for Christ while developing disciples and leaders for Christ’s church.

Bill Bright, Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, said: “Change the campus today and change the world tomorrow.” There is not a location primed to impact the world more spiritually than the universities, domestic and abroad.

From students who have/will start to seek God to becoming obedient to Christ. They are not just the future, they have become domestic missionaries (Alex, Delaware), foreign missionaries (A***** & N*****, Mediterranean Rim), professors (Juan, Colombia), journalists (Yu, China), doctors (Catherine, Colombia), scientists (Lina, China), farmers (Sarah, USA) and businesspeople (Devon, USA) to government leaders (N*****, Pakistan), judicial officials (Lin, China), state engineers (A****, Saudi Arabia) and local EMTs (Vanessa, USA), impacting their corner of the world as we equip them to be the disciples and servant leaders God has called all to be.

This is just the small net cast at UD through both our local and intentional outreach and disciple-based campus mission, imagine what God can do when we equip our students/others to intentionally go with the same missional principles.

Our goal is by 2030 to have 10 strategically planted campus missions at receptive hubs for future growth and expansion.  Accomplishing this through 2 methods. First through helping local churches develop a disciple mindset and outreach to college students. Second by recruiting and training apprentices to plant disciple based campus missions.

Each of these campus missions will be producing committed disciples. This will allow us to send transformed professionals into their fields of work and homes while developing more outreach focused graduates for new planting teams.

We are focused on developing partner funnels with Christian universities for mission-minded graduates to serve alongside a plant as they mature and grow.